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Our Team

Rodrigo Costa Araújo
Project leader, interested in conservation and macroecology of Neotropical primates. Currently is doctorate student at the National Institute of Amazon Researches, associated to the Animal Genetics and Evolution lab at the Federal University of Amazonas.

Tomas Hrbek
Project advisor, has more than 20 years of experience in projects focused on biodiversity research and conservation. Currently is a professor at Federal University of Amazonas and its the head of the Animal Genetics and Evolution Lab.

Marcelo A. dos Santos Jr.
He holds a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the State University of Londrina - UEL (2005) and a Master's degree in Biological Sciences from the Ecology concentration area by the National Institute of Amazonian Research - INPA (2008). He has experience in Ecology, Zoology and Geoprocessing, with emphasis on Landscape Ecology, Neotropical Bird Ecology, Ecology of the Amazon Biome, Use of Natural Resources and Mapping and Monitoring of Socioenvironmental Risks, focusing mainly on conservation, GIS, biodiversity and land use modeling, natural history, and landscape mapping and monitoring.

João Gabriel Doria
The social media man. Biologist, master in ecology, interested in the use of digital media for science popularization. Currently produces O Nicho Podcast, focused on biological science and research outreach.